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Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Precious-metal leads. We have ‘em, and let me tell you, we have a nice database. In this particular scenario, on the accredited investor leads, which is my bread and butter- 90% of my business is accredited investors- we have mostly prospects, some client lists. But on the precious metals and numismatic coin leads, we have nothing but client lists. I believe in that tangible market. I think that kind of a business requires a guy who bought before. And the beautiful thing about these precious-metal buyers, whether it’s bullion or numismatic coins, is that if you’re selling a different product, and you’ve got a different flair—They buy the salespeople, guys; let’s face it. They don’t buy the coins. They buy you; they buy me. It’s not the steak; it’s the sizzle. But if you sell the same product that everyone else is selling, he’s gonna hang up on ya. But if you’re a coin guy and you’re talking about a high relief St. Gaudens, that no one even knows what it is, let alone they’re selling, he’s gonna pay attention to ya, unless you’re selling eagles or proof sets, or whatever the hell you’re selling.

So, there is no better list than a guy who bought before. And if you take (most of the time we can tell you when he bought) and if you take the charts and take a look at if he bought in two years ago in April of 2015, and you take a look at where silver was, that’s gonna help you a lot, especially if it’s right there again. Hey, another buying opportunity has come up, whatever the story may be. We have the precious-metal leads; we have the numismatic buyer leads; we have the IRA bullion leads, roughly fifty thousand. They’re a buck a piece. If you have any questions, please call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless. (IMG 1027)

Precious Metal Leads You Dream of

Here at we offer High End Precious Metal Leads. We Own claims arrangements of pre-qualified financial specialists who have communicated an enthusiasm for getting data about new offers for gold, silver, and numismatic coins. In business 24 years, we keep up an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we remain behind each lead we offer. Soaring Gold and Silver costs keep speculators intrigued by these precious metals. Numismatic currencies have been well known options for gatherers and financial specialists. Our leads will give you exact contact information for individuals who need to purchase now.

Nothing Like Accredited Precious Metal Leads

Coin Investor leads are gathered and redesigned with data from studies of uncommon and precious metal coin proprietors and shoppers who have communicated an enthusiasm for purchasing coins.

These speculators are not kidding about adding to their portfolios and they comprehend the estimation of numismatic coins and take after the gold and silver markets.

The appeal and shine of a well-kept coin is without rivalry, from an uncommon doubloon to a brilliant Double Eagle. These objects of fate and fortune strike a resounding harmony in the hearts and psyches of financial specialists and gatherers alike. Today, the business sector for numismatic coins is flourishing. Financial specialists are effectively asking for data about these precious questions. Their advantage mirrors a real interest about the captivating parts of this business sector and the potential for genuine increases. In any case, the numismatic coin market holds no request for the easygoing profiteer.

The genuine speculators in this ballpark are playing for a bit of history, and they plan to get it. The secretive adventures that these mint pieces have set out upon, as though by will of their own, have an uncommon method for alluring speculators and gatherers. Speculators with the funds and experience to overcome this business sector have discovered fantastic venture fortunes, and arrangement on proceeding with that pattern. The business sector for these coins keeps on picking up energy. All things considered, the genuine purchasers in this field are of a unique request, so you would prefer not to waste time on leads with frosty feet. You need experienced, licensed numismatic financial specialists, and this is the place you’ll see them.

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