Oil and Gas Leads

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Findalistbroker.com.info.  Oil and gas leads.  A lot of you guys punch that in Google, Yahoo!, MSN.  Oil and gas lead.  What’s an oil and gas lead? It’s a guy that’s looking to get involved in some kind of an oil and gas deal.  Most of these deals are private-placement, so let me warn ya- when you punch in ‘oil and gas leads’, and you don’t tell the broker that you’re looking for accredited investors only, he’s gonna sell you people that are not accredited.  And then you’re gonna look at you’re private-placement, then you’re gonna get in trouble because you’re bringing all these people into a private-placement that requires, unless you have an exemption, a 35 exemption—They’re supposed to be accredited investors.  So, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble using the keyword ‘oil and gas leads’.  You wanna use ‘accredited investors’ or ‘accredited oil and gas investors’ or ‘accredited oil and gas sales leads’- that’s a nice keyword that everybody loves.  But make sure that when you’re looking for something, that you identify it properly, because I’m gonna tell you right now, he must be an accredited investor.  If you’re doing any kind of a private-placement or any kind of a crowd-funding deal.  They must be accredited.  Do not forget to use that word- accredited- in your search for those types a leads.  You have any questions, call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless.   http://FindaListBroker.info 800-590-5323 (IMG 1026)

Oil and gas leads, Oil and gas investor leads.

What is an oil & gas investor? or a Oil and Gas Lead

Oil and Gas Leads, An oil and gas investor is a guy that’s hoping to get involved in a drilling venture, get a percentage of that particular drilling venture, kind of a little reducing his risk because he’s not putting up all the money. He’s putting up a piece of the money. Usually these oil and gas deals are three, four, five wells, so there’s a little bit of risk reduction because if one well doesn’t hit, maybe the other one will and so on. But the most important thing is that these are people that are looking to get involved in drilling wells with the hope of hitting oil.

And you know, since the Block in Shell opened up and because of the aggressive U.S. oil and gas drilling programs, we have finally become almost independent from Arab oil, and that makes me very, very happy. Now, what is going on right now with the price of crude being as low as it is makes it tough for you guys to sell oil and gas, and it’s nice to pay less than three dollars for high test, but I got to tell you, what goes down must come up, but eventually this is gonna come up. And I just never in my life seen planes blowing up and terrorism and all the craziness, I’ve seen gold, silver and crude so low. I mean I just can’t believe it. Something really strange is going on, but it’s not going to last.

When it comes to oil and gas investors, we have them.

We have the people that have been surveyed by broker dealers. They have been surveyed hard. They’ve been asked the question, “Are you an accredited investor?” They’ve been asked, “Have you got $25,000 to $50,000?” “Is it liquid?” “Is it risk capital?” These are what we call private placement memorandum recipients.

So if you’re looking for “oil and gas leads,” it’s the same key word as accredited investors, same key word as oil and gas accredited investor. Oil and gas is just a buzzword for people that are looking to invest in oil and gas drilling ventures.

there are some participation deals where you don’t have to be accredited, and $12,000, $15,000, whatever. And maybe when you put oil and gas lead, you’re looking for non-accredited, I don’t know. But to me, you can’t go wrong with an accredited investor. He’s suitable. He has the money. And the bottom line is when we tell you that these are oil and gas investors, we know because we see they have received at least one private placement memorandum in the last 12 months, so there’s absolutely looking at documents on how to get involved in that business.