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‘Accredited investor leads’. That’s my favorite keyword. And you know what? You hit the jackpot. When you punch in ‘accredited investor leads’, ‘accredited investor lists’, ‘accredited investor lead’, ‘accredited investor list’ or ‘accredited investors’ as opposed to ‘accredited investor’, this is the place. I believe we’re the king of accredited investor leads.

What makes me different than everybody else is I sell people that have been mailed a private-placement memorandum. That’s important. You don’t want to buy that modeled information, that 7 cent lead. I love that person that sell those 7 cent leads, cause you are not my customer. If you really think you can buy a 7 cent lead and you think you can spend hundreds to raise millions, please don’t call me. You are not my kinda person, and we are not gonna get along. But if you’re looking for a high-quality lead, a person that has been spoken to, that has been vetted, has been surveyed by a broker dealer who’s looking to make that 10% commission– he’s trying to close this guy; he’s not getting paid by the survey. He’s hoping this guy’s gonna help him pay his mortgage at the end of the month. He’s gonna make sure the guy has been put through the wringer- that he makes $200,000. He asks them. He reads them the definition of an accredited investor. “Do you make at least two hundred thousand a year?” “Have you got a million net-worth, not including your home?” “Have you got experience in managing your personal portfolio?” And he’s mailed a private-placement memorandum. That guy’s gone through a vetting process that’s gonna save you a lot of time, and a lot of money. And you’re paying a buck a piece for ‘em. That’s a dynamite lead; that’s a dynamite value. I mean, you ever tried doing survey leads at twenty five/fifty dollars first position/ second position? What accredited investor in his right mind is going to give a total stranger his financials? That guy’s a brochure looky-see kinda guy; he’s not a serious buyer. In my opinion, the only serious buyer is a guy that has been mailed a private-placement memorandum before, or has participated in some kind of a private placement. If you have any questions, please call me- John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless.


Hi, everybody. My name is John Fisher. Welcome to I wanna talk about investor leads and investment leads and investor leads for sale. I’m gonna put up this ball right here. I don’t know if you know what a piker is, but if we do a $2500 order with you, we’ll give you one of these for free. And they’re great, man. And they’re famous. They’ve been around for 26 years we’ve had these things.

When it comes to the word “investor leads,” or “investment leads,” or “investment leads for sale,” “investor leads for sale,” I get a little nervous because if you’re doing a private placement, people have to be accredited. So, when I see the term “investor leads,” I’m getting that they don’t necessarily have to be accredited which tells me that usually it’s involved in a stock market. Because you can’t bring in a person into a private placement that’s not an accredited investor. We really have some very, very strong leads. Our people have high net-worths, our people have at least $200,000 income last 2 years, $300,000 combined. A million net worth, not including their home, and they have experience in managing their personal portfolio.

The term “investor lead” is kind of a loose term. You know, what is an investor? A guy who has money to put into various type of investments. What’s a lead? A lead is a name, address, and a phone number, you know. Investor leads for sale, that’s what we do, we sell them. And then, investor leads, again, people that invest number of their address and phone numbers, you know, the name, address, and phone number. So, it’s kind of a keyword or a term that people use to find leads, but remember one thing, and be very, very cautious that if you’re doing a private placement, be specific and say, “Hey, I’m looking for investor leads, but they have to be accredited.”

Now, if you just tell a guy, “I’m looking for investor leads,” and you’re doing a private placement, you can’t assume that he knows that they have to be accredited. So, I hope I’m not confusing you, but private placements need to have accredited investors. The stock market, mutual funds, anything like that, municipal bonds, don’t necessarily have to be accredited so investor leads work fine.

My stuff is overqualified for anything that we just discuss. Stock market, they have more than enough money. Municipal bonds, more than enough money. More than most people have. So, if you’re looking for a list of leads that have been surveyed and qualified by brokers, not some guy in Costa Rica or some guy in the Philippines or some $12 or $15 an hour guy. What accredited investor or what investor gives up is financials to a stranger. You know, that’s why I’ve always gone with that private placement memorandum recipient. He went through hoops. He had to jump through a lot of hoops to receive that package and that’s why I love those types of leads and that’s the only type of leads we sell.

So, if you have any more information, give me a call. John Fisher,, 561-981-8777. And Find a List Broker, designed just to make sure you guys pick the right guy, that’s me. Have yourself a beautiful day and God bless.


What is an Accredited Investor Leads?

What is an accredited investor & an Accredited Investor Leads? ? An Accredited Investor is someone who makes at least $200,000 a year for the last 2 years, or $300,000 combined income, husband and wife, or has a 1 million net worth not including his home, and has experience in managing his personal portfolio. So when these people are selling private placements, what they’re doing is surveying the people. And the people that we buy from are broker dealers. And these are all brokers. These aren’t people surveying out in the Philippines or surveying in Costa Rica or some $10 or $12-an-hour guy. These are actual brokers that are hoping to make their 10% commission. They’ve got skin in the game and they’re vested in this particular guy. So unless the guy is a clown and unless the guy’s like one of these that doesn’t know what he’s doing, most of the time when we buy this paper, it’s serious paper.

Now, just because he didn’t buy from that particular guy doesn’t mean he’s not a customer. It means that he just didn’t buy from that guy. Let’s face it guys, if you’re a salesperson and you’re a closer like I am, we know that they never buy the deal, they buy us. Being in lead business for 25 years, believe you me, I know that there’s not a lot of closers out there these days. It’s not like the old days. I don’t want to sound like an old fart, “Back in the old days,” but you know what? The new broker, he’s not the closer that we used to be back in the old days and I still am.

So you’ve got to be careful who you hand these leads to, and you’ve got to remember one thing, that if the broker doesn’t close the deal, it’s the broker’s fault. It’s not the deal’s fault. They never buy the steak, they always buy the sizzle.

Our Method of Operation for Accredited Leads?

The actual method of operation that we use is by buying this paper, and that’s the paper that I’ve always looked for. Whenever I used to work in the industry, whether I was a commodity broker or I was in the oil and gas business or in the precious metals business, I always wanted to let everyone else do the hard work. Let them kill themselves looking for that guy that sounded like a deal. And then, let me have them because I am a closer and I will close that guy. And that’s how we think here and that’s what’s been working for us.

We are the Best Source for Accredited Investor Lead

Let’s face it, 25 years with an A+ rating without 1 complaint. Yeah, there’s a lot of service involved. I’m a one-man operation other than my supports. I’m the only salesman. So it’s kind of easy to keep things under control. And when you’re good, I mean, I take care of my boys. I mean, I appreciate everything my customers do for me. My lifestyle, my life is because of you, guys. So why would I hurt you? Why would I bite the hand that feeds me? I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy, to make sure you’re satisfied, but most important of all, that you’re making money from my leads. That’s the difference between me and the rest of the guys out there.

if you’re looking for accredited investor leads, accredited investors lead, accredited investor lists, it’s all the same, guys. It’s the same particular name. An accredited investor lead is one name, address and phone number. It’s one person. Accredited investment leads is a bunch of them. An accredited investor list is a number of leads, a number of individuals that were surveyed and mailed the private placement memorandum.

So I hope I cleared up all this craziness. If you have any questions at all and you want to buy the best accredited investor lead in the country, give me a call, John Fischer, 561-239-0364