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If You’re Doing a Private Placement or Crowdfunding Deal – Investors MUST Be Accredited

Hi, everybody. John Fischer.  Oil and gas leads.  A lot of you guys punch that in Google, Yahoo!, MSN.  Oil and gas lead.  What’s an oil and gas lead? It’s a guy that’s looking to get involved in some kind of an oil and gas deal.  Most of these deals are private-placement, so let me warn ya- when you punch in ‘oil and gas leads’, and you don’t tell the broker that you’re looking for accredited investors only, he’s gonna sell you people that are not accredited.  And then you’re gonna look at you’re private-placement, then you’re gonna get in trouble because you’re bringing all these people into a private-placement that requires, unless you have an exemption, a 35 exemption—They’re supposed to be accredited investors.  So, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble using the keyword ‘oil and gas leads’.  You wanna use ‘accredited investors’ or ‘accredited oil and gas investors’ or ‘accredited oil and gas sales leads’- that’s a nice keyword that everybody loves.  But make sure that when you’re looking for something, that you identify it properly, because I’m gonna tell you right now, he must be an accredited investor.  If you’re doing any kind of a private-placement or any kind of a crowd-funding deal.  They must be accredited.  Do not forget to use that word- accredited- in your search for those types a leads.

The Safest Way to Buy Accredited Investor Leads

The reason why I set up this website is I get so many phone calls where people call up and they say, “Well, yeah, I got ripped off by this guy,” “I got ripped off by that guy” and we start the conversation like that and it kind of pisses me off because I didn’t rip them off. So what I’ve done is put together a game plan, put together a website that teaches you the dos and the don’ts of how not to get ripped off. One in particular happens to be credit card numbers. Do not give a list broker your credit card information. At, what we have is a PayPal portal. And yeah, sometimes PayPal can be a pain in the butt, but let me tell you something. I’ve never had any of my customers’ information used. I haven’t had any of my customers’ credit cards smashed or illegal or unauthorized transactions and don’t you think that doesn’t happen.

I have a deposition. I flew somebody down. It was a boyfriend and girlfriend team and I depositioned him and his girlfriend, who is kind of like an infamous character out in California, had an actual credit card machine and, you know, sometimes list brokers share the same clients. They’ll buy from one list broker, buy from another one. She hit one of my clients for 10 iPads with his credit card number and as recently as last week, I heard 3 of my clients call me up, complaining about a certain company in Boynton Beach, Florida, and I don’t want to get too specific, but if you go to Wall of Shame, you’ll see the whole story.

Just last week…and by the way, today is the 25th of February…3 different guys called me up and told me that one of them had their credit card hit 6,000 times, 3 times, $18,000. The other one got hit for 3,000 and the other one got hit for 7,000, but he did call and find out that the person was on probation and he kind of leaned on him and he did get his money back. But the fact that somebody gave him their credit card information, you know, it’s so simple to grab that credit card information and hit it.

Don’t send wires. Later on, once you get to know the guy, send a wire. But if you use a credit card and the guy rips you off, you can at least charge him back or try to charge him back. So that’s just one of the tips that we give at We talk about the litigator’s list. Does your list broker even know what a litigator’s list is? Do you have a SAN number? Is he being a good buddy and scrubbing your leads without you having a SAN number? Not very smart, guys. If you get caught, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. If you’re going to rob somebody, don’t rob the government, for God’s sakes.

So these are the some of the tips I give you at Find a List Broker. But the most important thing about Find a List Broker, it’s a service that is giving you. And what we’re trying to say to you guys is, “Hey, when you do your homework and you do all these things we’re talking about, you’re going to find out that we are number one. We have an A+ rating. We’re an accredited firm. We have no complaints in the last 26 years. I’m a one-man operation. We don’t sell the village bike.” I mean, there’s 400,000 accredited investors out there that have received the private placement memorandum the last two years that I have identified. Three hundred thousand of them are being sold over and over and over again. That’s why we call them the village bike, been ridden by everybody. And when I buy leads, I actually have the phone numbers of this village bike and I make sure that, hey, I’m not buying this list. It’s nothing but village bike. If it’s got a small percentage, you can’t help that. But buying leads for this company is not easy. But the stuff that we have, the PPCREMA, the Big Dogs, I’ll tell you, are the best leads in the country. And you know, just the fact that we have no complaints, that we get a lot of orders, reorders, if you have closers working for you, you’ll love me. If you don’t have closers working for you, nothing I give you or any other list broker’s going to give you, that’s going to produce everything.

Let’s talk about what kind of investor leads we have.

Accredited investor leads is what we focus on. An accredited investor is a person that’s accredited. What’s accredited? Accredited is 200,000 income the last few years. At least a million net worth, not including their home, 300,000 combined. Experience in managing their personal portfolio. So that’s an accredited investor. And if you’re doing a private placement memorandum, it’s your responsibility to give these people the definition of an accredited investor, okay? So we’ve got that part done of what a accredited investor is.

What’s a lead?

A lead is a name, address, and phone number. So the accredited investor lead is the name and address or phone number of a person that meets that criteria. Accredited investor’s lead, it’s just many investors lead, which kind of doesn’t make sense because a number of leads is a list. So an accredited investor lists means there’s more than one lead, okay? So when you’re putting accredited investor leads or accredited investor lists or accredited investors lead plural, singular, it’s all the same.

How Do You Reach Accredited Investors?

You call us up and you buy investor leads from us and then you call them up and you do what you gotta do. You survey them. You read them the accredited investor definition, make sure he’s qualified, establish the relationship with them. If you’re doing B504, 505, 506B, you have to establish a preexisting relationship, 30-day cooling off period. If you’re doing the C, you can send them the PPM right away and you could close them right away. So the actual term that you would punch into Google, how to reach an accredited investor, is first of all how to reach and buy leads from us because that’s how you reach them. You buy them from a firm, such as myself, that buys these, has relationships for 26 years, and that’s what we do.

Private placement leads. What’s a private placement lead?

A private placement lead is exactly what we’re talking about. It’s not really a true term because you can’t bring in people who are not accredited investors. So you’ve got to be careful. When you say, “I’m looking for private placement leads,” just make sure you let ’em know that they have to be accredited. And you know what? That private placement lead keyword just opens you up for abuse because if you don’t bring up accredited, they’re going to sell you that modeled information. You know what modeled information is? I’m going to tell you what modeled information is. If you’re paying anything less than 50 cents for a lead, it’s modeled information. Info U.S.A., Lead Genie, Sales Genie, it’s all the same stuff. It’s a zip plus four average of your net worth, your income, your home value, and your age at average. They are not looking for any kind of investments. I’m gonna tell you, if I could use that kind of stuff to enhance my numbers…and the numbers are small…with 238 million people on a Do Not Call right now, you know, the amount of leads out there is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. And believe me, if I could take that stuff and sell it, I would sell it. Those people are not happy about getting phone calls. They don’t even know what a private placement is.

So again you want to stick with investors who have been surveyed by a broker-dealer. He’s got skin in the game. He wants to make that 10%. And you want people that are qualified correctly. You don’t want survey leads from Costa Rica or from the Philippines or some $12-an-hour guy. I mean, what accredited investor gives their information to anybody? I mean, it doesn’t make sense at all. If you’re a broker-dealer and you’re selling an investment and it’s sexy, I like it, real estate or it could be…I’ve heard some pretty good ones…as a matter of fact, I just had a customer doing a marijuana deal and we actually a have list called PPCREMA_kush, which happens to be a pretty hot list.

So getting back to the accredited investor leads. That’s what we do. Yeah, a find a list broker is to help you not get ripped off and find the right guy. But we are the right guy. So don’t go through all that craziness. You’re home. Welcome home, Kotter. If you have any more information, give me a call. John Fischer, 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time and God bless.







An open letter from President, John Fischer

As you know, started a Search Engine Optimization Company over a year ago. After being ripped off for years by various SEO and SEM services, I just decided to do it myself. As a result, my internet and search engine exposure has exploded. I get so many calls per day for my lead lists, and believe me, I’m not complaining.

Now this situation helps me relate to many new lead list buyers, as so often the first words out of a new client’s mouth are, “I just got ripped off by this or that lead broker.” As a public service to you, my potential client, I’ll reveal some tips to avoid getting scammed by a fraudulent list broker.

Do Your Homework

You ask your clients to do their due diligence before investing with you, so why hold yourself to lesser standards? Google the name of the list broker, their lead firm, and the president, and be prepared to dig deep. Some “list brokers” stoop so low as to use fake names or hire reputation firms to push back any negative information about themselves on the internet. These companies find people with similar names and write new articles and stories in hopes that they will replace the negative stories about the fraudulent list broker that show up on Google and Yahoo’s first pages. Be sure to go past the first page; I said you might have to dig deep!


When purchasing investor leads, always use a credit card over a bank wire, but if you can, use PayPal. Open a PayPal account. I know PayPal can be a pain in the ass, but the good news is that you’ll get your leads while the list broker will never get access to your credit card information. I have a documented case of a list broker who, after making a large accredited investor lead sale, used the customer’s credit card information to buy ten iPads and pay off his bills. If a list broker rips you off, PayPal is your best shot at getting your money back, as it gives you the option to reverse the charge.

No Samples

We don’t give accredited investor lead samples because we don’t have to give samples. 27 years with an A+  rating and no complaints speaks for itself; our investor leads are top quality. List brokers that offer samples of their investor leads are notorious for the bait and switch. At, we’ll compromise with new clients by doing an initial $1,000 test order of several of our accredited investor leads. These first leads are 100% guaranteed against disconnects, wrong numbers, or plain old bad files. It happens; even list brokers get ripped off.

Brick and Mortar

The majority of lead list brokers work out of their trunk, selling what we in the business accordingly call “trunk leads.” These lead brokers will start working at a lead list firm and rob them of their leads, clients, and potential prospects. 20 Photocopies later, and these “list brokers” are overselling these leads for dirt cheap out of the trunk of their car. A serious, professional lead broker will have an office, so if your potential new list broker claims to be local, ask to set up a meeting at their lead firm or in their office (not in their car).


Another complaint lead buyers always have is, “This list broker initially seemed really helpful, but after sealing the first deal I can’t get ahold of him.” This is a sensitive issue, but I’ve never been one to hold back. At, my 800 number and my main number both feed directly to my cell phone. That cell phone is either on my hip or on my bedside dresser. I could be in the middle of any conversation; if I hear that phone beep, I pick it up, get a name, and call them back within fifteen minutes. If you first contact a list broker and get an answering machine, that’s a bad omen. Remember, I’m a lead buyer just like you, and every single time I receive not-as-promised lead lists from a stranger, sure enough that “list broker” isn’t accessible for weeks. I want to paint a picture; a lot of so-called list-brokers are neither businesspeople nor professionals, and… how to put this delicately… need treatment and belong in a 12-step program.

Pay Per Click

“You’re number one on Google, you must be good,” doesn’t always apply. The way we quickly gain artificial top rankings with the search engines is to pay for the top listing on certain keyword searches. We do it for ourselves, and we do it for our customers; it’s a great way to build initial traffic for a new lead generation site. You’ll notice that when you search for certain keyword terms on Google, the first two or three listings, as well as those on the side, are all flagged as ads. Do not assume that the list brokers that you find through these listings have earned those top listings or the exposure that comes with them. They paid for them. When I’m looking for investor leads (or anything!) to buy on Google, I always skip the ads and go for the top organically-ranked sites; those that have earned their place. My strategy is to buy the top keywords to capture the ad traffic, but you’ll notice that, organically, my sites’ listings are never far below their paid counterparts. It’s not necessarily bad to find a list broker through an ad, just make sure they have good organic rankings as well to validate the quality of their lead lists.

Bank Wires

Never send a bank wire for your first few lead orders with a new list broker. Just like we at don’t take personal checks as payment for accredited investor leads, you shouldn’t pay your list broker for leads through a bank wire. It’s too absolute. There are very few options for recourse, and even fewer hopes of ever getting your money back. Make absolute certain of the quality of both the investor leads and the list broker before ever paying through bank wire.

Cheap Leads

If you think that you can pay 50 cents for an investor lead, you deserve the leads you’re going to get. You get the leads that you pay for. I think it’s funny that people think they can pay 7 cents for an accredited investor lead and get any sort of positive result. I actually love those cheap lead providers; they cater to a client-base completely separate from mine and keep that market from trying to buy my leads to resell or harass with their scams and fake offers. Good riddance.

“People that think that it only takes hundreds to raise millions will never be my customers.”

Do Not Call Registry

There are over 220 million people on the Federal Do-Not-Call Registry. If a list broker doesn’t address that topic, doesn’t ask for a SAN number, doesn’t tell you that a SAN is required to scrub your leads against the DNC and get permission to dial leads from specific area codes, then they are not a serious list broker. This is probably one of the most important topics a list broker should discuss before selling you investor leads. The FTC will give you five free area codes to dial, but that is nowhere near enough to see results from your leads. It is $68 per area code, but with such a limited amount of investor leads unregistered with the DNC, you need at least 50 area codes to do expect a return from your lead purchase.


State Do Not Call

There are over 15 states with their own additional DNC requirements and fees. To call leads in certain states and for certain scenarios, an up to $1 million bond must be put up by the caller. Has your list broker mentioned that?

Problematic States

In the investment world, accredited investor leads from certain states are flat out problematic. No matter how compliant you can make yourself, it is just way too risky to call investor leads from some states. When we first receive a new lead list, we immediately throw all of the Pennsylvania accredited investor leads in the garbage. There are at least another seven states’ worth of investor leads that we will never sell. I’d be willing to bet your lead broker doesn’t give a damn.
I hope I haven’t ruffled any feathers; my motive is simply to help you, the potential lead buyer, close deals and make money. You deserve to be treated right, to receive a quality list of investor leads, to stay compliant with state and federal DNC regulations, and most of all to get the customer service that you deserve. If you would like more information, call me, John Fischer, at 561-239-0364.

Now that you’ve done your homework…


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